Time to crash


Nesting cage attached to wall, all tools cleaned up and stored away. Tai got a new swimming pool to play in, or to drink from, depending on how the freaked tiger feels. I should now go to the bedroom and fix a wall and remove paper, but the fact that I'll be near my bed scares me.

I think I'll go pass out on the sofa now. It's been a long while since I worked so hard in this place! While I pass out on the sofa, I can test it for sleepworthiness, because I'm giving my bed away to two Aussie girls - whom I've never seen or talked to in person - for 3 to 4 nights at the end of next month. I doubt 3 of us would fit in it. We could switch every night : me and A, then me and R, then A and R, but I'm not sure they're up to that kind of thing. Besides, I offered them a place to stay without ulterior motives apart from helping 2 explorers out. Yeah, I'm that dumb/naieve/nice, take your pick.

Note : by the time I'm done writing this post, the Ice Tea is kicking in, and I feel sort of alive again. Usually drinking plain water has it's benefits, or it so seems. It allows you to get an energy boost from things like Ice Tea. Of course Tai also noticed, and now he wants me to play fetch the ball. As long as he fetches and I just have to throw, it suits me fine!

Update @ 16:25 : I'm still up and seem to have passed the point of really wanting to sleep. I just more or less finished taking off wallpaper in the bedroom and closed up some holes in the plastering. I tell you, that wall is plain ugly, but at least now it's a little less annoying. I'm wondering what to do with it next. First give it a layer of paint, then put wallpaper on top? I also have this idea where I put drapes over the wallpaper that I can open and close, to create different moods and/or settings, but I'm not yet too certain about it. What would you do? It's not as if the bedroom is actually used for anything but sleeping, on my own, but while I'm redoing the wall I may as well put in some surprises/extra possibilities, right?


When you paint a wall, every uneveness remains visible. Wallpaper is a good disguiser. I suggest to decorate upon the plastering, with a wallpaper that can be painted lateron when the room needs redecorating. Shall I come and give you a hand? As for the drapes, I'd decorate first and then see if the room needs more extras.

Instead of drapes, I would put up one giant big motherf***** flatscreen on the wall. Much easier to watch TV and fall asleep. Or link to our PC and really play big screen !!
Just a suggestion :-)

Hilda : thanks for the offer of help, but I think you've got plenty of redecorating to do yourself, don't you? It's just one wall, I'll do fine. The hard work is done already! I was thinking of putting on a layer of paint first to make it easier to remove wallpaper later on. Just paint and no paper never was the intention. Or I could indeed use fiberglass wall paper and then paint it over in whatever color I want. Choices, choices!

KDS : Oooh, big spender, ain't you? :) As good as the idea is, the wall is at the wrong side of my bed to watch TV. I could move the bed around, but that wouldn't really work. And thanks for the tip you sent me by mail about that ship. I read about it in the paper a couple of days later, and depending on the weather and any free time, I may head over to go take a look at it.

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