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I knocked off early from work today, in fact 30 minutes early. We're usually not allowed to do so, but as the work I was on standby for today finished early, and I had put in 45 minutes of overtime yesterday, it wasn't really a problem, so I decided to start my "weekend" early. Traffic was a bitch, but it still only took me 40 minutes to get home. Not too bad considering.

Over the past weeks I've posted about programs or shows that seemed interesting on TV, and even though I've received no comments on those posts, some search engines picked up and generated visitors to this blog. Since my interests in TV programs partially shows who I am, I've decided to do a quick post for this week (up till friday). A short post, because it's tuesday already! I'm not gonna list the obvious like Coupling, nor relist shows that are on every day.

Tuesday, May 23rd
- Warriors (Canvas - 21h45) [I think I've seen it before, and liked it]
- Third Watch (VTM - 00h10) [Excellent as ever]
- Son of the Beach (Kanaaltwee - 01h30) [Sexist, dumb, yet somehow funny]

Wednesday, May 24th
- Leve de Kredietkaart! (Vitaya - 21h10)
- McLeod's Daughters (VTM - 22h25)
- Profiel : Rop Gongrijp (Nederland 1 - 22h50) [Profile about co-founder of XS4All]

Thursday, May 25th
- Thunder Beasts (National Geographic - 20h00)
- Rare Streken : Das Geheimnis des Vogelzuges (Canvas - 21h25)
- Natural World (BBC 2 - 22h30)
- Traffic Cops (BBC 1 - 22h30)
- Climate Chaos : Report from the frontline of global warming (BBC 2 - 23h20)
- (VTM - 00h10)

Tomorrow will consist of doing some shopping, cleaning about the place and then off to Dimi & Marianne for a small birthday gettogether in Hasselt. Thursday is a public holiday which means everything's closed (yay! loads of thing to do then) and friday will be mostly spent sleeping as I start a new series of night shifts.

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