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Ever since ServMe read about that trick to separate food, water and litter, I'm having a very hard time making a mess worthy of a cat of such royalty as mine. I can still dig long and hard in the litterbox, and sure enough, some litter will fly out at an awsome speed - the speed of litter, not the speed of sound is important in a cat's life - but it's all too much effort for too little reward. I still pee in the sofa though, but instead of making just one large stain, I'm now going for multiple small stains, hoping ServMe will miss some when he cleans up.

I'm still stressed out about the water bowl! By simply putting a slightly larger plate under the bowl, it has now become very hard to really get your kicks at Cat 26. So I've come up with a new and exciting game, that my boss so far is nable to prevent. I chase my little fluffy toy ball around the house, then pick it up and drop it in my water bowl, so it soaks up an incredible amount of water. Then I use my paws to get it back out of the bowl, before I drop it either onto my owner (noboby owns me) preferably when just got dressed for work, or to go out. If that is too obvious, I'll jut drop it next to him, so he steps into it, sits on it, ... all fun things!

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