Spring time for computers

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I don't know if spring actually affects computers, but it sure seems like it. Two weeks ago, S. asked me if I could take a look at his laptop, because it failed on him. Over the weekend, N. mailed me to see if I could check her desktop because it was infected with a trojan/virus/adware/spyware and giving her trouble. Yesterday afternoon, a colleage A. asked me the same, because his desktop is throwing a fit too.

Today, N. dropped off her machine and I started working on it, and it sure seems troublesome. Something is running havoc on it, but so far I've not been able to identify the culprit. It ain't MyTob, that I'm sure about. I'll look into it more on thursday, my day off. The laptop form S. sits on my desk because I don't have a sure way of fixing it yet. It seems like a hardware problem, though I'm not sure. More analysis on thursday as well I suppose.

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Interesting simmilarity in a life cycle of PC.
I guess the hot weather and the hormone overload of the user might be somehow related to the mysterious spring syndrome of the computer.

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