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My Network Access Disk for PS2 arrived today! Unfortunately, the first series of Coupling on DVD still haven't. So, this weekend I'll be pulling network cable through the place to see if I can get the thing online. Tomorrow, I'm taking the car in to get the windshield replaced, I have to stop over at the bank as well, to get some things taken care of, and tonight I have to request days off from work because Amber and Rhiannon are coming over from Australia at the end of June.

What else is new? Tai is funny to observe when he is all excited and wants to chase birdies. I've got a nesting cage on the back terrace and when Tai is in the office with me, he likes to watch the birds entering and leaving their cage. When I explain to him that I gave the birds a home, just as I did for him, he just looks at me with "food" blinking in his eyes. He doesn't even know how to miauw properly when being so excited and some sort of roar comes out. Strange cat :)

There is a small chance I'll go check out the Cajun Queen Europe in Antwerp during the weekend, but the chance is pretty slim as I don't feel like going out on my own. If you feel like joining me on friday or saturday evening, give me a yell! (It seems reservation is neccessary for saturday evenings, so it may be a bit difficult to just "pop in")

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