A quick first update on N.'s desktop : infected with nasties such as Sex.List, CommandService, Smitfraud-C, CoolWWWSearch.BadZoneMap, CoolWWWSearch.WinRes, DeskWizz, NetWork Monitor, and that's only halfway through the first scan.

Once I can get rid of CommandService and Network Monitor (they're related), I think I'll have a good shot at getting rid of all the rest as well. Especially the fact that some of the adware programs constantly monitor the network and download and re-install themselves makes it harder to remove. So, what did I do so far? I booted it up, connected it to the LAN, updated the virusscanner (failed), updated Ad-Aware (successful), downloaded/installed/updated Spybot S&D (successful), did a windows update (failed), edited the hostfile (removed a bunch of entries), download/installed Firefox (successful) and then disconnected from the LAN immediately. Reboot, and start working...

This once again shows that "regular computer users" are very unlikely to be able to free themselves of all nasties the have made their PC their new home. And unless you can get rid of ALL of them, there's more than enough vectors to get infected within seconds.


man man man - miserie miserie hé ;-) It's difficult to remove this stuff, running through the registrer and start-up profiles mostly won't help because those programs are cleaverly hidden, they even change their names!
You may consider following steps (sure you have done this, I post it for your readers ;-)):
Boot with the F8 button pressed so you can run in "safe mode". You may try to use the msconfig tool to prevent unwanted programs to start up.Try to make a bootable disc with autovirusscan to get rid of the viruses first. Experience learns however that a reinstall often is faster and more effective.

My nickname is "Format C:\" ;-)

Most regular computer users also aren't aware that in these times we live, with these open internet connections, you are a sitting duck if you don't install and correctly configure a firewall, added to anti-virus an anti-spyware software.
Maybe we can start an awareness campaign ... :-)

First slogan: 'Don't f*** around on the Net without protection'

Dimi, indeed the things you mention I have all tried. that bastard virus even named itself "mouse" and "keyboard" so I first thought it was ok that it was in the registry!!! grrrr

Virus creators should be put on deathrow!!!

my nickname is "virus crusader" from now on lol

KDS : don't fuck around elsewhere either, at least not without protection ;)

Nadia : no virus found, just loads of spyware, trojans, adware and things like that. Got rid of all of them too. And three virusscanners on your machine? That certainly doesn't help things along. When I'm done, I strongly suggest you remove 2 out of three!

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