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Right now, I'm watching Bicentennial man, featuring Robin Williams. I've not seen the movie before, though I had heard about it, and I like it. It presents some interesting topics that are seemingly so simple to humans, yet hard to explain at the same time. Here's a quick overview of the interesting programs on TV next week :

Saturday May 13th
- Is it real? Human Combustion (NGC - 23h00)

Sunday May 14th
- Designer Babies (NGC - 19h00)
- Over Leven : Keiluid, keidoof,... en erger (Canvas - 21h05)
- Eruptions at Mount St Helens (Canvas - 21h45)
- Third Watch (VTM - 23h25)
- The West Wing (Kanaaltwee - 00h10)

Monday May 15th
- Over There (Kanaaltwee - 22h25)
- Little Brittain (Canvas - 23h00)
- Coupling (Canvas - 00h05)

Tuesday May 16th
- Warriors (Canvas - 21h45)
- Coupling (Canvas - 23h50)

Wednesday May 17th
- Snake Killers : Honey Badgers of the Kalahari (NGC - 13h00)
- The Sketch Show (Canvas - 22h55)
- Queer As Folk (Kanaaltwee - 23h10)
- Coupling (Canvas - 00h05)

Thursday May 18th
- Built for the kill : Birds of Prey (NGC - 20h00)
- Infrarouge : Portables en accusation (France 2 - 23h00)
- Coupling (Canvas - 23h50)

I've still got a laptop here to look at a bit more and hopefully get fixed, and Nadia possibly brings in her desktop tomorrow, which seems rather virus/spyware infested and needs servicing/repair.

This afternoon, I cleaned up my terrace because Tai made a mess of it, digging in the flowerbed, and I put some sort of fence around it to prevent him from taking more dumps in it.

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