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While driving home tonight, I was on the ringway around Antwerp when I suddenly smelled something burning, it even stung in my nose. I looked around, but didn't immediately see anything burning, nor smoke, so I realized it probably wasn't my car that was on fire. I continued driving, but the smell remained, so I got a little worried. If anything is happening on the outside, you can drive through a cloud but within a matter of seconds, you'd not smell a thing anymore.

Then I suddenly noticed a truck in front of me, and smoke was coming out from under his back wheels. I quickly overtook him and started signalling him by driving in front, turning on my danger lights. He didn't react, so I kept driving in front, opened my window and waved my arm. He flashed his lights, so at least he noticed it. I once again signalled to the right hand side of the road and he started following me. We both pulled over to the emergency lane, and I ran over to him cabin after putting on my yellow safety jacket. No need to get killed myself trying to warn someone else. I told him something was burning at the back of his truck so he got out and by that time there was lots of smoke from the back wheels. The driver didn't seem too concerned though and was wondering if maybe the brakes were overheating. He also noticed something dripping from a line - not a fuel line, luckely - so when I told he'd better shut the engine he did so. He then thanked me for pulling him over, and said he'd drive towards the nearest parking so he could safely park his lorry.

I gave him directions towards the nearest parking, and he drove back off. I thought it was a bit dangerous and even irresponsible driving off with a possible failing brakesystem, but hey... I'm not a trucker. I'm glad I could warn him before things really got out of hand.

This post is a replacement for the one I actually was planning on posting, but that's how life goes, ain't it? I promise you'll get a Ayaan Hirsi Ali post from me tomorrow!

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