I sure don´t!


Most of the day was spent outside, but luckily the wheather was slightly better than the last few days : quite windy - yes, that's an understatement - but at least much less windy.

When I got home and emptied my mailbox, I found not 1 but 2 packages from play.com! It seems that after filing one DVD as lost, the replacement that was sent triggered the original shipment to be recovered as well. So now I've got 2 Coupling Series One DVD's! I think I'll let them know it's been delivered twice, or I could just keep it, but I don't really think that's fair.

My spermcube.org donation kit also arrived, and somehow I got two of those too. Strange, very strange. I think I'll ask someone to send me something cool, and the maybe I'll get two as well? Who knows...


Ik wil die 1e reeks van coupling wel zenne. Maar wel gratis uiteraard !!!
Ik wil in elk geval die van jou zeker eens lenen als jij ze uit hebt als dat mag.

Lol, cheapo :) Ik zal er eens over denken, weet nog niet of ik het fair speel en ze terugstuur, of ze ga houden.

Lenen kan je ze zeker wel eens!

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