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I don't know if anyone has really been following the Ayaan Hirsi Ali story as it unfolded in the Dutch press the past few days, but I think it all makes perfect sense. Let's see what has been happening so far. In 1992, Ayaan Hirsi Ali requests and is granted asylum in The Netherlands. She claims to have fled Somalia, where at the time a civil war was going on. She is granted asylum and gets the Dutch nationality as well. After studying politics, in 2003 she is elected. Her first political party is the socialist "Partij van de Arbeid" (PvdA), which she leaves later on to join the liberal party "VVD".

So far so good, wouldn't you say? It's the success story everyone is looking for : a young woman escapes the war, builds a life of her own in another country and she lands a high profile job thanks to all her hard work.

However, the story is slightly different. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is not her real name, Ayaan Hirsi Magan is her birthname. She didn't flee from the civil war in Somalia when requesting refuge in Holland, but she was in fact living in Germany for a short while and before Germany, she lived in peaceful Kenia for 12 years. "I made up a story that would get me the necessary asylum and papers", Hirsi admits now. The fact that she wasn't born in 1969 but in 1967 is just another simple bump in the road.

Now that shit is literally hitting the fan, Ali decides not to wait for heaven to come down on her, but rather "flee" to America where she'll have a job waiting for her, working for the AEI in Washington, a conservative think tank that advises - amongst others - president Bush.

Am I surprised to see a woman go from liberal to conservative, (ab)using every rule and opportunity possible to benefit herself, join a conservative advisory group? Not really. Nor am I surprised to see AEI accept these kind of people...

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