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I'm glad that when I bought the new car, I decided to get a partial extended coverage for it, which includes damage to the windows since this is exactly what I need now. My insurance agent was callled a couple of minutes ago, and after verifying some data, they told me this type of damage is indeed covered by my policy. I just had to call carglass or any similar company and to get the windshield replaced. "All costs will be taken care of by the insurance company, it shouldn't cost you a penny" my insurance agent added. Nice!

I called carglass, checked if they had this type of windshield in stock, and they did, but on a national level. Since I didn't know if the glass itself was blue or light green, I was told to verify that first with a piece of white paper. Green it is, so I called them again and set up an appointement for thursday the 11th in the afternoon. They also offered to come do the job at home or at work, but as I'm working nightshifts and my garage ain't really large enough to do this type of work, I told them the car would be brought in by myself.

Oh, today the mailman dropped Coupling DVD's in my mailbox! Unfortunately, Series 2, 3 and 4. I would have hoped Series 1 would show up first, so I could start watching right from the start. Ah well... maybe tomorrow.

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