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What's the penalty for brutally slaying a cat? Man, I'm going totally beserk and if he pulls off one more thing today, I'll have a nice pair of cat fur gloves before afternoon. After the mess he made last night, I had taken away everything and cleaned up. I just gave him new food and water, and it took him less than a minute to turn it into a gigantic mess again. Whomever says cats are clean and friendly animals can get their ass over here and adopt Satan himself, RIGHT NOW!

When I heard him pulling/clawing at his bowl of water again, I jumped up, threw something at him - so much for controlling my temper - and cleaned up. His reaction? Attempting to take a pee in the sofa. And once again something flew through the air, making him reconsider. He goes in and out of his litterbox a zillion times a day, each time making sure to at least kick a large spoon of litter out of the box, yet he pees in the sofa.

If this continues, accidents are prone to happen. It'll probably be me ending up in hospital, depressed, stressed or with a cardiac arrest because I freaked out once too often. If I ever have kids - unlikely as it is - and they take after the cat, make sure you book me a spot on deathrow.

I've had up to five ferrets at the same time, and never ever did they give me this much trouble and work.

After some googling : Maine Coons enjoy playing with their food and especially with their water. We recommend using heavy water bowls and putting trays under the water bowls to prevent floods. Keep the food bowl at least 12 inches from the water bowl. Do not keep the litter pan anywhere near the food and water containers. Would you want to eat in your bathroom? Cats don't either. (Coonyham : Cat Care Information)

I've made some small changes to the setup of food and water. Tai seems a little annoyed that it's more difficult to play in/with his water bowl now, but it suits me fine so far!

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