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I got a speeding ticket :( It's been a long while since I got one, which makes sense as I usually stick to the speed limits. I think the last one has been 4 years ago, maybe even longer. Anyway, a fixed camera saw me "speeding by" at 65 km/h (59 corrected speed) instead of the 50 km/h allowed. Looking at the date and time, it must have been when I took the car in to get the windshield replaced. So, in case anyone wondered, the fixed camera at the intersection between Groenendaallaan and Lambrechthoekenlaan in Antwerp does work.

That information did cost me 50 euro, feel free to ask me for bank account details if you decide to pay for it for me :)

I could also look up that article I read recently that showed that in certain cases the ticket could get lost if certain conditions were met. I believe it was when you claim someone else is driving the vehicule at the time of the infraction, it then ends back up at the police station, but after a certain amount of time they can no longer edit the information concerning the violation because it gets locked by the system. This ultimately results in a ticket that is linked to person 1, who claims they didn't do it, but they can't link it to person 2 who person 1 claims is the perpetrator. Got it? Neither did I. I did find a couple of articles in Dutch though : Nieuw systeem verkeersboetes draait vierkant, Inning verkeersboetes via De Post werkt goed and Belgiƫ kan leaserijders even niet bekeuren.

I'll just pay my ticket ;)

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