Apple and MS, not really different?


Apple seems very determined to infect as much machines with their iTunes software, as possible. I just tried installing QuickTime 7.1 - because my older QT version told me 7.1 contains important security fixes - but alas, one can no longer install just QuickTime. It now comes "bundled" with iTunes, making it a download of over 30MB! I don't need iTunes, I don't want iTunes, so why should I be forced to download it, install it, and then remove it again to just keep the component I need? You tell me!

I could understand Apple promoting iTunes when a user wants to download and install QT, but at least give someone the opportunity to opt out, or deselect the additional download. Seems Apple is going the MS way :(

I just sent Apple feedback about this issue, so maybe, some day, they may realize that their users are adult enough to decide for themselves what they want/need.

Update : "notasblindasyou" graciously pointed out that there is a standalone version of QuickTime : QuickTime standalone version. I must have had stuff in my eyes for not noticing it. Sorry Apple people!


Do you have eyes?

"QuickTime Standalone Installer"

Indeed, this is not fair. One should be able to decide what to install and what not, without downloading 'unnecessary' components. I often find myself annoying about these bargains. Pitty Apple wants to promote 'iTunes' this way :-(.

Oh my... notasblindasyou is correct, there IS a QT standalone version. My mistake I suppose, though maybe they shouldn't really hide it that much?

i think I accidentally made an "empty" comment.

anyway, what I wanted to say was: it's the same with that google and yahoo toolbar they keep throwing at you when downloading something.
if you're not careful, you missed the part where you can untick the option and you're stuck with it! (or you have to delete it again)

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