A sunny weekend

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Today, time was spent with Marisa and Elise, walking 5 kilometers in support for breast cancer research, because supporting causes like this are not only important for me, but also for you. Can you imagine suffering from a disease and then finding out you can't get treatement because science hasn't yet found a solution?

There were loads of supporters, we were really suprised to be honest. Marisa arrived very late due to some traffic issues - mostly getting lost along the way, lol - but we all got our t-shirts, registration numbers and we set out for a refreshing walk in the park. Very nice, we all happily chatted, though most of the time I was listening because my throat still hurt quite a lot. After the walk we had a nice pancake meal at a local bistro and headed home. While driving on the Brussels ringway, a small stone hit the windscreen and at first it was harmless, but after a few minutes Elise said : "Hey, do you know you've got a crack in your windshield?" to which my reply was "Now I do, and as I looked I noticed a 10cm long crack, right at the bottom right corner." Luckily insurance covers these kinds of things because replacing a windshield ain't that cheap.

Before arriving home, chinese food - including dim sums - was bought and eaten with much pleasure. Yummy!

After reading a couple of pages in "Dubbel Gemengd" out on the terrace in the sun, some time was spent on setting up advertising deals for the blog. If you've got a blog, internet business or are looking for easy and affordable advertising, you should really look into linkworth. You can check this blog's stat in the navigation bar on the right.

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