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If you're sitting on a million dollars and looking for a new place to call home, how about a Titan 1 Missile Base? Mind you, that doesn't include retrofitting things that have broken over the years, since it was decommissioned in the 1960's, nor does it include "shipping to Nemage, Australia" as one potential bidder was wondering about.

If a million dollars sounds a bit steep, or a Titan 1 Missile Base sounds a bit too prehistorical or out of touch with nature, Free Spirit Spheres are available from USD150,000 for the handcrafted wood/fiberglass spheres, and the fiberglass version will set you back only USD45,000. Of course you'll be needing a couple of these spheres to kick off your own community because you don't want to sit on eachothers lip 24/7, now do you?

A Monolithic Dome may be in reach for 350,000 in the Southern USA, but I suggest you use the Residential Online Evaluator to do a quick calculation what your ultimate dome would cost.

For half a million bucks, you could get the Ultimate Secure Home/, currently for sale for USD495,000 and located in the San Juan mountains of Southwest Colorado (USA).

Or you could decide to buy or build your own earthship and be one with nature. An earthship for sale in New Mexico, 1700sq feet is currently listed at only USD330,000 and an 800sq feet earthship in British Colombia (Canada) sells for USD250,000 and upwards.

You better start packing, baby!

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