A day off

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is a day well spent, not? So far I've accomplished the following things since getting up (too early) this morning :

- relocate Olga from the bedroom to the kitchen (wall mount). Less clutter around the place.
- Watched DVD 5 and 6 of Hornblower, so I'm through the complete series now.
- Went to the bakery for bread, will start making dinner later.
- Put on a load of laundry (work clothes and bedsheets).
- Olga is vacuuming the living room and hallway as I write this.
- Got bank for some statements, so I can close the month March financially later.
- I entertained Tai for a while, and now I'm gonna clean his litterbox.

Tomorrow after work I'll get new litter for the litterbox and a battery for my watch, as it died yesterday while in the pub. I won't be able to get it in the same shop though :)

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