Toot that Horn!

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Work today was... interesting. And it'll keep on getting more interesting for at least another couple of days, if not weeks.

Yesterday was spent watching Hornblower (DVD 1 : The Even Chance & DVD 2 : The Examination for Lieutenant) which means today I'm at DVD 3 : The Dutchess and the Devil. Depending on how much I feel like it and how much time I've got left before heading to bed, DVD 4 : Frogs and Lobsters may end up the player as well. Hornblower overdose!

Remember, the Pink "Try This" CD is still up for grabs... Only one entry so far, so nothing is lost and everyone still has a fair chance of winning! Read back a couple of posts for more info.

Note : I just fixed 3 errors that prevented this blog from validating as XHTML 1.0 transitional. Why didn't anyone point that out?

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