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I got up early this morning after going to bed too late. I had to get over to the tire center because last night as I was about to leave work to head home, my front left tire had deflated. Not completely, but enough to notice. I switched it for the spare one, and drove home carefully. I could have waited til tomorrow to get it fixed, but didn't want to take any chances. Whenever you least expect it, Murphy shows up, you know?

So, off to the tire center it was, they checked the flat one and sure enough there was a very small leak in it on one of the rims. Not even due to a puncture, but rather some dirt caught between the tire and the rim, resulting in a very slow fit, deflating the tire over months of time. The polished the side of the rim, cleaned it, refitted the tire and checked it for leaks again, this time it came back OK. The wheel back onto the car, and I was good to go again. I'm pleased it didn't cost me a new tire, just some time to have it repaired. The bill wasn't too bad at €19,5 either.

Then off to the bank to get statements, to the store for food, and now blogging it all. Busy busy, you know? Just got off the phone with Joco and I tried to cheer him up a bit, but I'm not sure it worked.

Tomorrow I'm gonna dig deeper into google maps, because i've got a new project lined up that I want to try. As usual, I have no clue where it'll end up - with the rest of the abandoned projects probably - but that's something time will tell.

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