Summer ahoy


Well, not yet... the summer is still a few months away, but here are two things I'll be doing for sure :

- Neerpelt Open Air 2006 on friday, August 11th.
- More ink by Daniel DiMattia from Calypso Tattoo.

There is one small problem though... I was planning on getting inked on the 11th or the 12th since I have time taken off from work. I can't really be at a festival and on a tattoo table at the same time. Nor is it wise to first get inked and then go to a festival. I'll work something out :)


Are you getting a new tattoo? That is if you find some time to do so :-)
Do you have a picture yet?
Where will they be putting this new tattoo?

The idea is to extend the currect chest/shoulder piece into half a sleeve (towards my left arm/elbow).

I don't have a design yet, as that'll be done by Dan, in collaboration with me, but I'll have pictures when it's done for sure, or you could come look at it live when it's healed.

It's still a few months till August though :( I may go over sooner if I can find some time off from work, and Dan is not abroad working at a convention. He's a busy artist...

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