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Just over ten hours of sleep did me well, but I'm still snotty. I finished making a healthy juice (oranges, lemons, carrots) and it tastes like... well, oranges, lemons and carrots I suppose. Lots of vitamins there, hopefully they'll help me recover faster and if not, so be it. Sleep, vitamins, resting, what more can I do? I could go to the doctor, but they'll prescribe some drug to make me feel better and think it'll help. Most doctors write prescriptions because the "customer/patient" expects them to do so. If they don't, they're a bad doctor.

Let's not go there...

Whomever invented or came up with the controls for the PS2 game The Getaway, deserves to be shot. X to crawl/crouch/hide, right lower button to aim, right upper button to switch target, analog stick to walk and turn. No movable camera point when driving, nothing of that. Try crouching, looking behind a wall, selecting and shooting a villain that way. Did I mention to shoot you use the triangle? The sheer number of controls needed to get anything done is staggering. GTA is much better in that aspect, or maybe I'm just too used to those controls?

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