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Jess & Mark came over this afternoon, to check out that new bundle of fur called Tai. They had some gifts for him as well, in exchange for that Wok cook book I already had. He loved the gifts and was playing with the mouse toy thingy all the time. After they left he fell asleep like a baby :)

My shoulders are really starting to hurt today, so I think I will go and work out more on monday before work, to ease the tension in those muscles a bit. I just finished watching Shanghai Knights on TV and my final conclusion is this : that is one dumb movie, even though I had a few chuckles while watching it. Up next is Girlfight in ten minutes, if I stay awake that is.

I'm going to use those ten minutes to plot a course to Amersfoort for tomorrow. Depending on how early I get out of bed and how long the drive is, I'll be at the Tattoo Convention.

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