Robland, episode 2


I just finished watching the second episode of Robland, where Rob Vanoudenhoven tries to establish his own country. Unfortunately, I didn't really find it more informative than the first episode. Maybe I'm just looking at the program the wrong way and should see it as what it is - pure entertainment - but still... I think it lacks a certain spark to really ignite things.


i read about your tribal dragon tatoo....would love to see a pic of it......

I've got no clue where you read that, Lori, but I have no tribal dragon tattoo, so I can't show you pictures :)

If you want to see dragon tattoo pictures, or tribal tattoos, go check out for loads of body modification stuff!

i think she mean -s that great tribal on your "slaapkamerjas " ;)

Ah.. yes, that I didn't think of!

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