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As promised, here's my review of the DVD side of Pink's "I'm not Dead" Dual Disc... It starts off with a short promo for the DVD appearing in May 2006 containing shots of her European Tour.

The root menu of the DVD reveals that the complete audio album is playable from the DVD side as well, which is kind of strange, but I liked it a lot. It allows you to play all the tracks, or select the ones you like to hear. Unfortunately while playing the audio tracks, there is little eyecandy around. Just one photograph on the right hand side of the screen while the left shows the tracknumber and title, and a navigation menu at the bottom. I would have loved to see some more "action" in the album part.

The video section contains an interview with P!nk, about her new album, some comments about the various songs, and a full documentary about the making of the "Stupid Girls" video, which reveals things you simply don't notice at first when looking at the video. The combination of behind-the-scenes captures, Pink commenting on scenes and the shooting of the scene itself gives a very nice view about the production process of the Stupid Girls clip. After watching the documentary, the final video clip is shown, followed by some shots that didn't make the final cut.

Do I like this DVD side of the album? I sure do, but I wonder if I'll be looking at much after the first time(s). A biography would have been a nice addition while playing the album, to make up for the lack of action of the section. My final score on the DVD side of the "I'm Not Dead" Dual Disc is a 7.5 out of 10.

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