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When I got home after a long day, Tai wanted to go play outside, so I open the door to the terrace. He steps outside and within seconds comes running back, like a cry baby. That tiger is a big wussy that needs me to protect him from who knows what. Anyway, as I do so things around the house, he keeps running around like crazy, chasing his toy ball, jumping over chairs, things like that. I close the door to the terrace because I have to go do some things elsewhere and I don't want him outside alone too long. For all I know he could jump on the edge and test the distance to the ground floor. Which is quite deep as I'm in a third floor apartment.

I'm in the living room when suddenly he jumps off the sofa, races around the corner of the kitchen and I immediately think "thump". 5 seconds later... "Thump!". Obviously, Tai didn't notice the fact that the door to the terrace was closed and ran straight into it. I jumped up, looked in the kitchen and didn't see him. When I looked behind the curtains, there was one slightly dazed and confused cat, lol. I picked the fool up, checked for injuries, but apart from a little shaken, he seems fine. He's playing with his toy again already ;)

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