I was reading some articles in a PS2 gaming magazine and decided to see if it was possible to get it online. Not that I own any games with online functionality yet, but still... it seems interesting enough. First, register yourself, your playstation 2 and pick a nickname. Not too difficult, even for an old fart as me.

Registration done, now let's see how I get that thing online. Uh, I need a Network Access Disk? Where the hell did I put that? Do I even have it? Erm, no. It seems you first have to register online, and then wait up to 8 weeks to have your Network Access Disk delivered at home by snailmail. That kind of invalidates the online registration I suppose, especially for the "instant gratification" generation that doesn't like waiting for anything. I'm a proud member, I tell you. If I decide to go online "now" I expect it to take less than 10 minutes to actually "be" online. Not 8 weeks to wait for a dumb CD.

Since everyone that wants to go online with the PS2 is required to have broadband anyway, why not offer a direct download of the Network Access Disk, encode all the gamers information into it and let them burn it to a CD themselves? That would take 30 minutes, give or take a bit, to download it, burn it to CD, install and play.

8 weeks? Sheesh!


Compare that to the Xbox which you simply plug in a wireless adaptor or a network cable, configure it for your lan and you're ready to go :)

Bleh, rub it in even more :)

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