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A fine selection of idiots around the world in the news today :

- Former South-African deputy president Jacob Zuma, currently on trial in Johannesburg for rape, declared that he "took a shower after having unprotected sex with a HIV-positive woman to lower the risk of infection". I wonder what it takes to become president in South-Africa? Showering does not lower the risk of HIV infection after having unprotected sex, let that be clear. Furthermore, Zuma is a former president of the South-African National Aids Council, which makes one expect he knows something about aids and hiv, doesn't it? Apparently not. I guess he wasn't thinking straight. If he doesn't get convicted for rape, he should at least get convicted for being a fool, and for setting the wrong example. Update on May 3rd by "Nyx" : outcome of the trial is expected May 8th 2006.

- On tuesday afternoon, a 41 year old male was electrocuted in a transformation station in Charleroi (Belgium). An accident you may say, but not really. He was probably trying to steal cables in a live transformation station, to which he forced entry using a screwdriver and a crowbar. He probably saw the light, although very briefly. His connection was cut for sure :)

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Your comments are indeed valid.

One correction: Former South African DEPUTY president Jacob Zuma.

Outcome of the trial is expected on Monday 8 May 2006 at 9am.

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