HT and Freakonomics

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I just finished reading FreakonomicsFreakonomics, and while it presented some interesting points of view, I was less "blown away" by it than I was by Blink by Malcolm GladwellBlink.

One of the things I have to agree with is that "popular knowledge" is not always correct, even if "everyone" says so. People tend to believe and agree with things they like to be true. In other words, emotions before economics. Only after carefully measuring things, processing data, one can reach good conclusions.

In other news... Red Hot Beavers scored a 1-2 victory in their HT game today, catapulting me to the first place in the league. For the second time in a row, we promote to a higher league.

For those of you that watched Robland on VTM today : How to Start Your Own CountryHow to Start Your Own Country.

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