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Man, Media Market (the shop) is pure evil, I tell you. I went over there to replace my cordless phone with a corded phone - I seldom used it as a cordless phone anyway - and I walked out with the following :

1 DVD box (The Complete Hornblower series. All 835 minutes of it!)
1 CD (Pink - Try this)
2 PS2 Games (The Getaway and The Getaway Black Monday)
1 nose and ear hair trimmer (had been looking for that though)
1 Premier Livorno telephone (phew... something I had to get)
1 VOIP US Robotics USB Skype Phone (for the laptop)

See what I mean? 1 (or two) things I intended on buying, and I got home with 5 extra purchases. And to make things "worse" : I already own that Pink CD. Go me...

So, friends, relatives and readers : who want's a free Pink CD (and some FK stickers, as always)? And those who know me personally, a Topcom Butler 130 cordless phone is also available for free (including batteries even!). You arrange pickup for the phone. The CD will be shipped internationally for free. Note : you can't get the phone and the CD as well.

Let's make it real simple : if I know you personally and you want the phone, give me a yell (or send me a mail). Update : the phone is gone (to Hilda). If you are a reader (location not important) and you want that free "Pink - Try This" CD, do the following :

Leave a comment with a valid e-mail address so I know where to contact you in case you win. In the comment you write 1 word you associate with the word "pink". It can be serious, funny, totally unrelated (but then I'll ask you why you associate it with pink) or gross. I don't care. The idea is that I can have a laugh and get rid of an extra CD I've got.

The catch? None. E-mail addresses will not be used for anything but to contact the winner. The winner will be announced on this blog on April 20th 2006. I decide who wins, no complaining allowed. Only one entry per person, so better make it good.


I'm interested in the phone.

You have the phone, Hilda. (That was easy...)

Pink, yellow, red, black, white, green, blue ... the color doesn't matter. It's the contenence that counts, no? She says: 'try this' and that's exactly what I want to do, 'cause I don't know this artist very well (listening to Stubru a lot, doesn't seem to help very much). So maybe a good way to get to know her work better?

You're the first one to answer, Marianne, even though your entry is way more than one word :)

I think I'll accept it as it is. Let's see if more people decide to play along.

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