Chop Chop


Just got back from the store where I got some food for tonight, the bank to grab statements - I just paid some bills, so I need up update on things - and I did some accounting that was long overdue. In about 20 minutes I'm off to the vet with Tai, to get another shot and then it's "insert title here" for the balls as well. His sound will probably go from "rooaar" to "squeak" but if it stops him from pissing all over the place, that is the price he needs to pay I guess. Still love him dearly though!

Update : Tai is vastly asleep now, and will probably be for the next couple of hours. There is no certainty though, as he was also expected to fall asleep in under two minutes after the injection with the drug, but he just sat up and looked around for close to ten minutes. Only after injecting the last drops of the needle a second time, he gave up and fell asleep, after another 3 minutes or so of fighting it. He's a real tiger, that's for sure. The vet was rather impressed and she found it funny at the same time. On the phone earlier she said the whole procedure would take about 15 minutes, but it almost took that long to get Tai to fall asleep!

Anyway, the chop chop part was done, he's had a checkup as well, one of his baby teeth that was hanging on by a tiny thread was removed while he was under, and he had his second vaccine shot. Oh, and he puked on the vets table, but that she was expecting :)

Tai is a tiger! (Image of him asleep after Chop Chop).


Euhm, I'm missing the point here: why do U cut of a cats balls if he pisses to much, is that like a cat-thing?

Btw: glad to read u'r doing fine. I've been away for a while. Sorry to read about the fur-tigers.

Hey, good to see you back, South Park Character :)

Yeah, too bad about the fuzzies, I was devastated, but death is a part of life, unfortunately.

Male cats in heat tag their territory, so as a revenge I had his balls chopped off :)

You still working at WSC? I'll send you a mail, so we can catch up.

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