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I may write a long entry about the whole day - which turned out awsome - later on, but for now I want to focus on the last 4 hours or so. When we got back home, we had cheese and coffee and started talking amongst each other. Over the course of the evening - and night - people started leaving for home until it was just 5 people left. Two couples : B&H and N&H and one single : me.

We did some mental ping pong, verbal tennis... If you don't know what that is, it is very simple. It's not really a game, but rather lots of wits flying around, making fun, throwing verbal punches and receiving some as well. There is no scoreboard, but there is loads of fun to be had.

How does it happen? One just throws a topic in the group and then sees who runs with it. It's a bit like running with scissors : fun and exciting, but potentially dangerous. Every topic is a start, a chance to score and outwit the others, but also a potential danger as your wits bounce back and slap you in the face. I love it...

However, you can't play this with everyone. You need people you know, you are comfortable with and who play on the same level. If you play fast and the others just don't get it or are constantly outwitted, there is no match, no fun. It's punch, dodge, score, duck. Give and take.

Hans is relatively new in the family and I know we can be a bit intimidating sometimes, especially when goes at it full force, but he really stood his ground. There are lots of things he hasn't picked up yet, but that is quite normal : only if you play it a lot, you get to like it and get better at it. So, Hans... keep it up, you're doing great. Just don't keep digging your own grave when you're in deep already. Allow us to do that for you ;)

PS : friedkitten is now also reachable through!

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