21 grams of fun

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I just got back home from Hilda's birthday party/gathering, and while the rest of them are off to grab some chinese food, I decided to come home because I have to work later on. I'd have loved to stay though :(

Marianne got her Pink CD, Hilda got her cordless phone and one of her birthday presents (21 Grams21 Grams), and Marianne and Dimi also had a present for me that was delayed, because it was ordered for the end of year festivities : The World of Tattoo: An Illustrated HistoryThe World of Tattoo: An Illustrated History by Maarten van Dinter. I just took the plastic wrapper from the book and only now it is clear how impressive this book is. Not only by sheer dimensions and pages, but the amount of information is staggering as well. I'll be quite busy reading through all that!

It was fun seeing everyone again!

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Great CD, BTW !!! Love it very much. It's in my CD-player since I got it and I play it over and over again. Even thinking about buying her new album. Thanks, FK!

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