TV week : March 31st til April 6th

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Based on this weeks Humo, here are some of the TV programs I'd love to see, if I had unlimited time. If a serie is new, I'd like to see it once to know if it's good or not. Most series or movies I know or I've seen before :

Friday March 31st :
Het leven zoals het is : Planckendael (20h05 - Eén) [Animals]
Comedy Casino (22h15 - Canvas) [featuring Alex Agnew]
Debby and Nancy Laid Knight (22h15 - VTM) [Comedy]

Saturday :
71° Noord (19h20 - Kanaaltwee) [Interesting]
Air Crash Investigation III (21h00 - National Geographic Channel) [Addictive]
Love Soup (22h50 - Canvas) [New, looks promising]
Girlfight (23h35 - Nederland 2) [Movie featuring Michelle Rodriguez]
Good Morning, Miami (01h05 - Kanaaltwee) [Comedy, fun!]

Sunday :
De Pappenheimers (19h55 - Eén) [Quiz]
Le jardin extraordinaire (20h10 - La Une) [Nature : The Northpole]
Over leven : The Ghost in your Genes (21h05 - Canvas) [Science]
GI Jane (21h05 - VT 4) [Movie, excellent]
Fightclub (23h50 - BBC 2) [Movie]
NYPD Blue (00h00 - VTM) [Serie, top notch]
The West Wing (00h40 - Kanaaltwee) [Serie, superb]

Monday :
3rd Rock from the Sun (19h30 - Ketnet) [Comedy]
Het leven zoals het is : De Zoo (20h05 - Eén) [More animals]
Lost (21h10 - VT 4) [No comment]
Little Brittain (23h05 - Canvas) [Never seen, could be good]
NYPD Blue (23h55 - VTM)
Good Morning, Miami (00h40 - Kanaaltwee)

Tuesday :
3rd Rock from the Sun (19h30 - Ketnet)
71° Noord (21h15 - Kanaaltwee)
It's not easy being Green (21h30 - BBC 2) [Environment, Reality TV]
Keeping Up Appearances (23h25 - Eén) [This is the lady of the house speaking]
NYPD Blue (00h05 - VTM)
Good Morning, Miami (01h05 - Kanaaltwee)

Thursday :
3rd Rock from the Sun (19h30 - Ketnet)
Patrouille (20h30 - VT 4) [Cops in Belgium, probably a re-run]
Vinger aan de poot (20h40 - VTM) [Vets in practice in Belgium.]
Megastructures : Tau Tona - City of Gold (22h00 - National Geographic Channel) [Addictive]
McLeod's Daughters (22h15 - VTM) [The views, the freedom, the land and the ladies]
Terminal Velocity (22h30 - VT 4) [Movie, ain't seen it yet]
Queer as Folk (23h15 - Kanaaltwee) [Serie]
Keeping Up Appearances (23h20 - Eén)
NYPD Blue (00h05 - VTM)

Friday April 6th :
3rd Rock from the Sun (19h30 - Ketnet)
Antwerp Taxi (20h35 - VTM) [New]
Rare Streken : Feast of the Giant Sharks (20h50 - Canvas) [Animals]
Keeping Up Appearances (23h20 - Eén)
How Art made the World (23h50 - Canvas) [Documentary, promising]
VPRO's Import : The education of Shelby Knox (23h55 - Nederland 3) [Documentary]
NYPD Blue (00h00 - VTM)
Good Morning, Miami (01h20 - Kanaaltwee)

TV Channels most watched based on that list :

VTM/Kanaaltwee : 17
Eén/Ketnet/Canvas : 16
VT 4 : 4
National Geographic : 2
BBC (all) : 2
Nederland (all) : 2
Other : 1

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