For all the birthday wishes by phone, mobile, mail, instant message everyone. I'm very pleased with them and will be sending everyone a personal thank you. I'm sorry if you had a hard time reaching me, but it seems I missed at least 3 calls during the day, and my mobile was still on "meeting profile" so I didn't hear that ring either.

I didn't want to be disturbed while having my beauty sleep - 10 hours and no improvement yet, what's up with that? - and when I woke up I was too busy to pick up the phone, thanks to Joco and Eef's very interesting and exciting gift : 2 Rikku lookalikes. These girls sure know how to partay ;)

I'm out and about now, so try calling me again in a couple of hours, or on the mobile if you want to get in touch.


Luckily I can find you here, on your blog! So, here they are: my very best, cheerful and sincere wishes for your birthday! I hope that, at this respectable age :-), all your efforts may lead to success, esteem and happiness. Enjoy the day!

Happy Birthday FK-HQ.

You don't know me but we have in common the Birthday date...and also play IndustryPlayer.
I noticied that your last contact in Forum were in June,22 last year. Since that day many things had changed.
If you forgot the link is
If you forgot your password please email me or contact me in Skype ( user : El_Careca )
I'm Portuguese but also speak french.

It's almost mid night, perhaps you gonna see the comment March,17 but my wishes of Happy Birthday again.

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Hilda and José!

Hilda, yeah, I know I haven't been easy to reach today, but I'm sure we'll talk "live" soon.

José, I've stopped playing IP a looong time ago, in fact I thought the account was cancelled by now. If not - and if you read this - please kill it if you are an admin. And happy birthday to you too!

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