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Today's plans include downloading Knoppix (4.02 CD version, just over 700MB, happening as I write), building a more up to date version of VPM (including Tor 1.0.17, and Firefox and installing that on the USB stick. The build on the VPM page contains slightly outdated programs, so I'll be attempting to get a grab on linux, and build my own tarball. That'll keep me busy for the day I suppose.

I'm doing some laundry in the mean time, and I've soaked and washed two pillows already, as Tai didn't like me staying out late last night and pissed on one of them. He did the other one earlier last week. I tell you, he's an unforgiving bundle of joy, that cat of mine.

Update : over 3 hours later, I've booted and shut down Knoppix about 5 or 6 times, and didn't get any further than "cannot change ownership" while doing some tar operation on libevent-1.1a.tar.gz. I did however learn how to mount and remount a USB stick in read/write mode, and that *nix systems like "CR" and not "CR/LF" like windows systems. Did that help me get my VPM up to date? Not in the least, but I feel like I've learned something...

Update 2 : Tai is a damn whiney cat. Always wanting attention, cuddles and miaowing away. If I wanted that much attention or responsability, I'd have kids! All I wanted was a silent presence, and now I'm stuck with an omni-present clingy furry creature that hates being left alone. I love him, but come on... this is getting ridiculous!


As for Tai. It's springtime. Hormones are tickling. I've read somewhere a plush cuddly toy could help a little.

Stripke is the same ;-) So sweet, but sometimes, she'll try anything for attention. Maybe we should get them together? LOL no Hans would kill me :-p

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