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I just finished reading my newspaper - I don't usually buy the paper version, but rather read it online - and I was especially interested in the election polls they published as I was one of the 1997 people they called during their research. Unfortunately, the future looks dark, not to say very dark.

Enough of that now, I'm heading off to test ride the newly opened tramline 5 to the center of Antwerp, where I'll then visit Aquatopia. I was planning on going sooner or later, but this months promotion (free entrance for Pisces) is an excellent opportunity to go today. I just hope the real life visit of Aquatopia is better than their website, which needs some manual tinkering to enjoy in Firefox. Some people just never learn, do they?

Review : The new tramline is pretty nice. Less to see though, as it travels underground for a large part of the journey, but faster to get to your destination. It was very crowded, but I take it is due to the weekend, the fact that it's the first day it's running and no one had to pay to use it today. The old line 12 used to be crowded as well, but even with the new and longer wagons on this line it was difficult to squeeze everyone in. To be reviewed again on a weekday.

Now, Aquatopia... I was in and out in less than an hour, and I found it 'interesting but disappointing'. Crowded, small and thus hard to get past people that blocked the pathways for minutes. Kids - and there were lots of them - found it fascinating though, so I suppose I just wasn't captivated by the magic it must have. I got in free, yet was disappointed. What if I had paid 12,5 euro to zip through it? I made some photos with my mobile phone, they'll be posted in a future entry - mobile phone photography blogging is the new black, ain't it?

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