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I just got home after my shift. Well, thruth be said, my shift ended at two but then I headed to the gym. That's one of the benefits of working for a large company/client, they have facilities such as a gym on site. And we're allowed to use it, so today for the first I actually did so. The original plan was that two of my colleagues would join me, but one claimed he didn't know we were going to work out today (yeah, right) and the other one had all his gear with him, but had to head home unexpected. My teamleader had to work later, so couldn't join me either, but I didn't let that deter me and I worked out.

I started off with a ten minute rowing session, followed by 20 minutes on a bike (15 kilometers), then I lifted some weights, did a short walk (1500 meter in 20 minutes), another weight lifting session and 10 more minutes on the bike to cool down. I certainly feel the effects already - my back aches, and I'll probably feel even worse tomorrow, but it's all for the better in the long run.

After the work out, my team lead was done working as well, and we headed off to D5 for a drink. It was fun but not as much fun as on sunday. There is still a professional barrier when having a drink with people who you work for indirectly. It was nice to meet people in another setting, but I doubt they'll ever become friends, and think that is a good thing. I think it's good to keep a certain distance in my line of work.

Tomorrow Jess & Mark are coming over to meet Tai, on sunday I'm off to Amersfoort for a Tattoo convention. If all goes well, I'll be meeting Marisa, Dan and Irma for sure. Should be good :)

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