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Yesterday evening I went over to Jess and Mark to deliver some snail mail, have a nice dinner - Mark is a pretty good cook - and chat. I also received two wonderful gifts for my birthday : 1000 Tattoos by Henk Schiffmacher and The Complete Wok Book because they know I like making wok dishes. Thanks for these gifts, I'm going to enjoy reading and using them!

Their three tigers (cats) were around as well, so I played with them for a while. During dinner, we talked about Hattrick, the 95B Cup we're playing amongst friends and how the league games are progressing. Some of us are looking forward to promoting with almost mathematical certainty, others will have to fight for every point, and some are drifting around somewhere in the middle of the league. With the upcoming reorganization no one knows for sure how everything will pan out, but one thing is clear : we're all hooked :)

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