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I received a letter today informing me that I own 250 euro worth of stock in BeauVent, a local windpower project. That in itself is not the problem, as the project is doing quite well. The amount of stock owned is a problem, as I was under the impression that I owned double the worth quoted in the letter.

I just finished checking my investment file and sure enough, it lists a second purchase on April 12th 2005. Yet, when checking the bankstatements I couldn't find any match for that transaction. Damn! The other bankaccounts didn't show any transaction match either, so I can only assume that I planned to buy more stock, and marked it off as done, yet forgot - or decided against - it.

So I scheduled a new investment to be done later today. I hate it though, knowing that I just missed about one year of opportunity to maximize my return in an evironmentally friendly way.

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