Move da ass

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Tai is following me writing this entry very closely, after he noticed the mouse pointer move around on screen. Within seconds, it became prey, as he followed the trails on the screen and swat his paw against the laptop in order to catch that magically moving beast. It probably entertained him for 30 seconds before he went back to his regular "block the line of sight" game, which means most of this entry was written catfolded*.

Catfolded = blindfolded by means of a cat.

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oh yes catfolded, I am that very often as well. And once in a while I'm getting nudged while typing (like now) so it's very difficult to type hehe

they're so sweet though :-)

BTW Tai look a bit like Whiskas (cat I used to have when I was about 15 years old) He was the "koddigste kater" I've ever seen

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