Meet Tai


Not fried and not a kitten. And no photograph yet, but the new king of the castle since a few minutes past eleven. A male predator, approximately 5 months old - although the vet may adjust that a little - and curious but very friendly. I was thinking about finding a kitten somewhere, but then came across someone who had Tai (I don't even know what his former name was) and it clicked right away.

I'm gonna pop by the vet tonight to have him checked out and hopefully get a clean bill of health, and this afternoon I'm gonna pick him up some things such as a flea collar, something to play with and possibly a scratching pole. My chairs are ruined as it is, but still... maybe one day I get new ones and then I don't want Tai to tear them up.

Update : As Tai has only been here a couple of hours, I have yet to find out how intelligent he is. If he takes after his new owner, he's probably a sort of genius, but in an awkward way. And modesty... let's not go there ;)


*eagerly waiting for a picture*

me too ;)
i know what accessoires she gets ;)

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