Medical checkup for Tai

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I'm trying to write this entry while Tai is settling himself on my chest, effectively blocking my line of sight. I just got back from the vet and here are the results of the Belgian jury :

- Overall health : very good
- Age : close to 6 months old (easy to determine by looking at the teeth)
- Teeth : one tooth is chipped and unfortunately it is a final one, not a baby tooth :(
- Ears : clean
- Hearth : very good
- Nuts : 1 set of two, present
- Sign of fleas : present as well. Frontline treatement started to cure.

Right now Tai is watching the Simpsons, while I was having dinner. Now I'm gonna run to the other computer and grab my camera, shoot some photographs and upload them. By the way... funny how people immediately start talking when animals are involved. I stepped into the vets waitingroom and within seconds was talking to two other pet owners.


1 Comment

Beautiful cat! Looks like being proud for having a pair of nuts.:-) Enjoy his friendship!

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