I walked in the sun today!

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I got up this morning around ten, and opened the curtains wide to let the sun in. It's been a few days since I've seen any sunlight up close, so it felt good and I suppose I needed it as well. In fact, I even forced myself to go out because I wasn't feeling like it, but I did anyway. Saturday morning there's always a market out in the square, and I walked over there, in the mean time getting some more fresh air and sun, and seeing some people besides the colleagues at work.

I should have known better than go to the market while hungry, but I did and that resulted in getting a hamburger somewhere before I continued my stroll. I got some french bread (a really long baguette if you have a hard time imagining what it is), a bunch of different cheeses (brie, port salut, chaumes and something I don't remember right now) and while browsing through some books I decided to pick up a Tom Clancy (contra-commando) and a H├Ągar cartoon book. It's not as if I don't have enough books yet, but none of those left are "entertainment" and I felt like something a little less serious now. There's only so much you can read in a year about improving the world, globalization, psychology, remote viewing and things like that. I haven't reached that limit yet, but for now, I need something else.

Off to have my nice cheese and bread meal now, while reading some Clancy.

This was my morning, how has yours been?

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i hated my morning, like i hate this afternoon and sure will hate tonight

staying in bed, counting the days...
life sucks

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