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I was happily sleeping today when my phone rang. I jumped out of bed - interrupting some weird dream that happened somewhere in Asia (Japan possibly) - and when I got to the phone it had stopped ringing. Ah well, back to bed it is. 30 minutes later, it rang again and this time I was in time to pick it up. It was a colleague from work who asked if I could come and work a night shift tonight. I stopped working an early shift yesterday, will start nights on friday, so I said no. I can't just jump and work whenever I'm called upon.

Around seven I jumped on a tram the headed off to Antwerp to grab something to eat. I decided upon the always excellent wagamama, and this time I had a chili dish which was a little bit too potent and sharp for me, but then again I'm not a fan of really spicy. Food that is ;)

I also treated myself to the wagamama cooking book, with all those yummy recipes, so I can do some superb cooking at home as well. I stopped over at the UGC cinema to see if there was something interesting playing, and I noticed Hostel (the new tarantino) that seems interesting. However, it was only 20 minutes past eight, and the new showing wouldn't be til ten, so I went back home.

When I opened my mailbox I found a package coming from the USA. My Joanna's Angels DVD (by Burning Angel) arrived - I'll know how to spend a few hours tonight, grin.

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