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I feel like I'm getting a little ill, snot if flowing freely, I just hope it doesn't come between my plans for the weekend. Yesterday I visited Bob & Hilda, that was fun - as always - and they had my birthday gifts, which was also fun. The excellent Laïs CD Douce Victime (I had an "illegal copy" but liked it so much I wanted to own the original, so who says piracy doesn't help sales?), and three books : Freakonomics (in Dutch), Snakes and Earrings (in Dutch) and Deadly force encounters (English). I'll know what to do!

My Amazon from Hell wishlist is updated to reflect these new received gifts. It's only a couple of minutes past four, but I have already updated that list, paid some bills and approved some for payment in April. When I get home later - after work and meeting that is - I have to answer mail from Jess, send mail to Joco and read/answer more mails.

All of that while snot is dripping and seemingly appearing out of nowhere in large quantities. The joy!

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This time of year everyone seems to get ill all of a sudden.And this only comes to remind us of How Crappy the Human Body is.

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