33 going on 32

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A year older - 33 already - and nothing much has changed. I don't really attribute much importance to birthdays, as it is something that just happens. What exactly are you celebrating, surviving another year? The attention and gifts and fun is enjoyable, but a birthday in itself means nothing.

What did I do today? I sifted through a bunch of paperwork, filed it in appriopriate places, checked some financial things, paid bills and generally caught up with things. Now I'm gonna take a bath, read my recently arrived CT Magazine, and head off to work later tonight.

Over the next days I'm going to file charges for spamming against a belgian spammer, that is after I checked and double checked everything, to make sure the case will be accepted.

1 Comment

Happy Birthday :)
I don't want to have birthdays anymore, it only reminds you getting older. bleh!

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