What's cooking?


Right now, nothing. Later this evening, I'll either make Chicken Siam, orJapanese Teryaki. Both dishes will be based on the Knorr Wereldgerechten packs, and if I change my mind, I could go for the Beef Chimichurri I wrote about a while ago. Point of trivia : did you know that if you search google for "Knorr Beef Chimichurri", this blog ranks in the top 10 of returned results? I ought to send Knorr my bill for promoting their products ;)

Plans for tonight include eating, replying to some mails (I didn't forget!) and watching episode 6 to 9 of season 1 of "the L word". Will be fun.

Tomorrow I'm heading over to Joco and Eef's place for food and talks, to play with the kiddo's and later on I'm taking Eef out for a evening of fun, drinks and a movie.


taking out your best friends girlfriend on a date ?????

Yes, I am. And I'll do everything I can to make it a good one ;)

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