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The following tools and programs that may help you stay anonymous and/or safeguard your privacy were recently updated :

tor (version (stable))
GnuPG (version (stable))
GPGShell (version 3.5)
JAP (version 00.05.022)

And, worth mentioning is a new cli version of n_map for windows : n_map (version 4.01)

Notice : As I was writing out this post and hit "preview" I received an 412 Precondition Failed error on my cgi script. A quick google for the error told me that it was most likely caused by a set of rules put in place by my host. I tinkered a bit with the entry, and soon found out that n_map triggered the rule, but after opening a helpdesk ticket, that was quickly taken care of.

I must admit that I was very wrong by posting my previous entry. HM does not censor their clients and they'll never will. I should really have given them the credit they've earned over the years, which I didn't in my hasty reply. Let it be clear that Hostingmatters totally rocks.

I'm ashamed of myself. Sorry, HM crew :(

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