When did publishing cartoons become dangerous?

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Editors of newspapers are being fired because they published cartoons and pictures mocking religious leaders. I find this quite disturbing, and with "this" I mean the fact that they're fired, not the fact that the images are being published. I believe everyone has a right to think and express their opinion, and as such those opposed to seeing these images published also have a right to protest. However, being opposed to something doesn't give you the right to threaten anyone.

This time the cartoons are about the islam, but in the past pictures of the pope have been published, and if tomorrow another religion or person is "cartoonized" there are two ways to go about it : laugh with it and show that you're beyond being insulted by a stupid cartoon, or go bezerk and try forcing your opinion onto others. Guess which is the smart thing to do? Guess how you can show the world you are mature and able to accept criticism or humor.

And the strangest thing about this riot is that the first pictures were published in september last year, and only now people are going all postal over it. The more someone opposes something, the less others may be tempted to comply with the opinions in question.

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