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It was a busy day at work, loads of things going on and constant organizing and reorganizing to close gaps, but in the end I believe we managed things quite well. Tomorrow will be more of the same, yet different. I'll be glad when the clock strikes ten tomorrow evening, as that'll mean no less than 4 whole days off.

I just finished having a nice fish meal, consisting of some salmon and a tuna steak. Now I'm gonna watch NYPD Blue before I head off to bed.

Earlier today I received a letter from the IRS, which I was kind of expecting, however the information it contained was not exactly what I expected. When I filed my taxes last year, I knew I would get back a nice amount of cash this year. Now it seems they've recalculated my income for the year 2003 as well, and until I get a letter about my income over 2004 and the taxes on that, I have no clue how it'll all pan out. So far things are looking good, but I sure hope it adds up to what I guestimated last year.

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